Sunday, July 18, 2004

Game Design Workshop at the Digital Knowledge Exchange

Doncaster College, South Yorkshire

This was a two-day game design workshop near Doncaster, in South Yorkshire. The Digital Knowledge Exchange is actually located out in the countryside, in what was originally an old village hall -- and still looks it, with huge oak beams overhead. I gave my normal one-day workshop, and the second day was spent on lectures, discussions, and exercises of various sorts. One of the nicer things about it was that I got to meet some colleagues that I have corresponded with for years, but never seen in person. It was a small group, and enormously varied -- some were longtime, experienced game developers; others had literally never played a video game in their lives. As you can imagine, this made teaching them something of a challenge. I had to try to keep the discussion at a level at which everyone would remain interested. However, I think they enjoyed themselves.