Friday, October 22, 2004

Game Design Workshop at the Interactive Media & Marketing Academy

Nakskov, Denmark

Yet another town reviving its economic fortunes through new technology. Nakskov was once the home of a thriving shipbuilding industry. The harbor is still there, but the great docks and other gear are used. The workshops, though, are building new wind-power turbines. There's a growing emphasis all over Europe on expanding their sources of renewable energy, especially wind power. The former offices of the shipbuilding company are now occupied by the Interactive Media and Marketing Academy, which invited me to come and give a game design workshop. We had about 25 students.

I've spent a lot of time in Sweden, but only a little in Denmark. One of the things I've noticed is that it's much harder to figure out how the Danish language is pronounced from the way that it's spelled, and the Danes tend to speak with a rapid, mushy delivery that's difficult to follow even if you already know what they're saying. Apparently the various Scandinavians can read each others' languages with some effort, but have a very hard time trying to understand each other.

This was a very brief visit, so I didn't get to be a tourist at all, apart from having a couple of excellent meals with my host, Pierre Calundann, and some of the students. My trip was sponsored by Danske Bank, and I'm grateful for their support.