Thursday, March 10, 2005

Lecture at the Game Developers' Conference

San Francisco, California

GDC logoThis was, sadly, the shortest visit I've ever paid to the GDC. I was only able to be there two days. Family business kept me away during the two tutorial days, and on the third day of the conference I had to rush off to my next event. It was great to see old friends as always, and fun to be in San Francisco for a change.

I only made it to two sessions other than my own: a round table discussion on sex in games, moderated by Brenda Brathwaite, the lead designer on Playboy: The Mansion; and the Experimental Gameplay Workshop . Unfortunately the workshop got started late and I had to leave about halfway through it, but not before I had seen some of the more outrageous games created this year, particularly the Indie Game Jam . I also gave my own lecture, "Interactive Narratives Revisited: Ten Years of Research," which was pretty well attended. It's now available to read on-line -- just click the title.

Apart from that, it was the usual round of meetings, parties, dinners, and of course the Game Developers' Choice Awards and Indepdendent Game Festival Awards -- two events that I believe are increasingly important to the game industry.