Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Inaugural lecture at the Finland IGDA chapter

Helsinki, Finland

IGDA logoWhile I was in Finland for my narrative game design workshop, I got in touch with the new Finland chapter of the IGDA, and told them that I would be happy to do a lecture at one of their meetings if they would like. They didn't have a meeting scheduled, but decided not to miss the chance and set one up especially for me -- which I found very flattering. I was the first speaker they had ever had. We met at a bar in Helsinki and more or less took over the back end of it. Two local development companies, Mr. Goodliving and Sumea, were kind enough to supply a projector and screen, and we had a pretty good turnout, about 35 or 40 people. I hope it encourages more people to join and participate in the worldwide development community.