Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Lecture at the London IGDA chapter

London, England

The London chapter of the IGDA asked me to come up and give them a lecture at their June meeting, and they chose an oldie: "Innovation: Games that Changed the Industry," which I originally gave at the 1999 Game Developers' Conference. I updated it a little to include some new games that I believe have had a significant impact on the way that developers think -- most particularly, Grand Theft Auto III and Ultima Online.

Ernest Adams speakingThe other speaker there was Tameem Antoniades, who runs Ninja Theory in Cambridge (formerly, Just Add Monsters). He showed a lot of the great pitch video he assembled in order to get funding for
Heavenly Sword, the title he's currently working on. Truly spectacular stuff. In the course of his talk he came out with a particularly good, if slightly bitter, bon mot: "Nothing you show them is good enough, and then when you show them something that's good enough, they don't believe
you can do it."

My thanks to the steering committee for inviting me, and I look forward to speaking there again sometime!