Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lecture Tour Day 2: Ithaca College and Cornell University

Ithaca, NY

It wasn't cold! Dammit, it's supposed to be cold in upstate New York. I was counting on it, but here it is in the mid 70's and I'm sweating hauling around my workshop gear and a box of books to sell. I'm sure everybody else thought it was lovely.

Photo of Adams handing out game ides.This was the toughest day of the whole tour. I had five events scheduled plus dinner, on top of the jet lag. The first was a 90-minute workshop at the Park School of Communication at Ithaca College, which was one of the four different groups that sponsored my visit there. The Dean, Dianne Lynch, even came to my opening lecture. After that I went on to give a lecture at David Schwartz' computer science class at Cornell University -- he was the primum mobile behind my visit to Ithaca and did a lot of work to set it all up. Then I gave another 90-minute workshop at Cornell, and followed it with a longer lecture, "The Future of Computer Entertainment, 2005-2050." Somewhere in there I had a meeting with some of the faculty, and finally they all took me out to dinner. I enjoyed the visit and everybody said nice things. Cornell is very pretty, too, on steeply rising ground overlooking the city; the buildings are a mixture of American neo-Gothic and, um, other styles I can't name.