Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lecture Tour Day 8: Full Sail

Winter Park, FL

Full Sail logoFlight 8: First thing in the morning, I took the hotel shuttle back to Dulles and flew on to Orlando. My host, Rob Cato, was waiting for me at the airport and whisked me off to Full Sail, which turned out to be a surprisingly long drive. We gathered up the students, who had been waiting patiently for two hours, and got started on the Fundamentals workshop, somewhat abbreviated. It didn't matter, though, as the Full Sail students were incredibly well-prepared. Many teams finished early. I met Dave Arneson there, one of the two creators of Photo of Full Sail student presentingDungeons & Dragons. We swapped books and he inscribed mine "To a fellow gaming god," which flattered me no end as I consider myself barely qualified to buff his shoes. Rob and Dustin Clingman took me out to dinner, and afterwards I came back and gave a lecture to the local chapter of the IGDA.