Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I've created a world map of my travels and clients.

I've had maps on my website for a while, linked to the flags on the front page (visit, then click one of the flags), but because they're screenshots from Microsoft Encarta, they're a nuisance to update. I've replaced them with a Frappr map. Frappr is a website that uses the Google maps facility, but lets you overlay the map with entries of your own. It's mostly for members of communities to tell where they are, but I'm using it to indicate places I've been and where some of my clients are located.

To see it, just visit It takes a few seconds after the map has loaded for all the little pointers to come in, presumably because they're also loading the pictures as well. Once they're visible, click on a pointer for more information about who I saw there and what I did.