Monday, March 06, 2006

Two Mini-Workshops at the University of Ulster

Derry, Northern Ireland

University of Ulster logoThis was just a quick one-day trip across the Irish Sea to Northern Ireland, someplace I had never been. I flew into Belfast and then was taken by taxi on the 90-minute drive to Derry. I had no idea Northern Ireland was mountainous -- we went up 1000 feet crossing the Sperrin Mountains before returning to sea level again, and the mountains were covered with snow.

High school students and their posterThe University of Ulster Magee Campus in Derry has just started up a new degree program in game development, and to help promote it, they asked me to come and give a couple of half-day workshops. The first one was for local high school students, the second, for students already in the engineering program there. As usual in my workshops, each team was given a different idea to work on. The team in the picture created a game for little girls about becoming Miss World, and despite the unfamiliar subject matter, they did a fine job. The second workshop was equally enjoyable; the students were older and so tended to flex their imaginations a bit more.