Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Visit to Norway

Drammen, Norway

I hadn't been to Norway in years and years, so when I got the chance to go I couldn't possibly turn it down. One of my clients, Ravn Studios, flew me there for a few days of consulting on their current project. This is a picture of the team. Black T-shirts and heterogeneous hairstyles -- can you tell these are game developers? The woman in front is their lead designer and boss.

Afterwards I took half a day to be a tourist, and went to see some of the polar exploration ships in Oslo. Most impressive was the Fram, a wooden three-masted ship intentionally designed to be frozen into the ice -- it's incredibly strong. The picture below is of the Gjøa, the tiny little vessel that first discovered the Northwest Passage between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific, via the Arctic Ocean north of Canada. The Oslo harbor is in the background.