Monday, November 27, 2006

Lecture to the visiting Danvik students


One of my clients, Tinka Town from Ravn Studio in Norway, also teaches at the Danvik Folkhøgskole in Drammen. It's a media arts school, and the students take annual visits to London and Los Angeles. Tinka asked me to drop by and give them a lecture while they were in London, and as it's only half an hour away, I was happy to oblige. It was the last day of their stay, so they were a bit tired, but still a fun group. I gave them "The Future of Computer Entertainment, 2005-2050," which is suitably general and doesn't assume too much familiarity with video games. Afterwards I kept bumping into them on railroad platforms as we scattered around the city. You wouldn't think one group of Norwegians would stand out so much...

I spent the rest of the day working with Tinka on some ideas for a new game that Ravn Studio wants to do.