Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A quick trip to University Campus Suffolk

Ipswich, England

University Campus Suffolk logoIpswich is on the southeastern coast of England, about three hours by train from where I live. It's home to what used to be Suffolk College, and is now University Campus Suffolk. There's a game design program there, and I went to critique the students' projects and give a lecture. I was really pleased to see that the students had all been asked to work on something educational. Several groups just grafted questions onto simple action games, and clearly were more interested in the action part than the education part, but one or two had tried to create an experience in which education was really part of the adventure.

My kind hosts also took me to an excellent pub, the Lord Nelson, in which the great admiral himself was reputed to drink from time to time. True or false, it's everything an English pub ought to be!