Wednesday, May 02, 2007

University of Ulster Game Design Goes National!

University of Ulster Magee, Derry, Northern Ireland

University of Ulster logoDare to be Digital is an annual game design contest for students from throughout the UK. During my last trip to the University of Ulster Magee as a visting professor, I took an hour or so to pass on some advice to a team that was entering the competition. I'm really pleased to report that they've made it through the first round of qualifications, and will now be representing all of Northern Ireland in the national competition.

The game is called Bathroom Buccaneers, and the premise is based on tiny pirate ships fighting one another in a bathtub. In addition to their own battles, they have to look out for storms (caused by someone bathing), fog banks in the form of soap bubbles, and of course the dreaded Rubber Duck.

The final awards for Dare 2007 will be handed out on August 16th at the University of Abertay Dundee in Scotland (another place I've visited a few times), and I hope they make it!